Why I no longer worry about typos …

Ok, ok, I admit it. I love the weird and wacky (as if you all didn’t know that already). *snort*

I also love to laugh. With a life as busy and often convoluted as mine, I rely heavily on my over-active sense of humor to get me through.

And I’ve discovered a great place to find a giggle is the spam folder of my blog’s comment section! I mean, seriously. Do people really expect I’ll approve this stuff?!?!

Well, at the risk of attracting even more odd spam, I am sharing a few of the funnies to carry us all through hump day towards the weekend.

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They got my vote …

Sometimes good things happen to good people.  

I’m sure it happens every day but by and large, the “feel good” events around us can often be overshadowed by “misery” in the world’s media headlines. I, too, am prone to highlighting worrisome or difficult issues here on my blog. Well, not today …

For a change, I’m going to give an enthusiastic cheer for two great ladies who deserve my – and your – support!

Two of my favorite bloggers Pauline a.k.a. @aspiringmama and Ellen a.k.a. @LoveThatMax have both had their blogs selected for pre-nominations as potential Best Parenting Blog contenders for Nickelodeon’s Parent Connect 2010 Parents’ Choice Awards!!!!!

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Ten Things that Make Me Happy

I finally lost – and I couldn’t be happier about it!

Since I joined the Twitter revolution in earnest this past January I have been patiently … well, patiently as in drumming fingers on my keyboard and tapping my toes in frustration(!!!) … waiting for someone to “tag me”  for one of those “reveal yourself” blog challenges. I think I can safely say it’s the first time in my life I’ve been so excited to lose a game of tag (well … except for when I was 10 and let Danny *blush, blush* tag me out during a game of hide-n-seek just because I had a pre-teen crush on him).

A robust online and social media presence is a great way to get to know like-minded individuals you might not otherwise have the chance to meet… especially for someone who works from a home office and spends her days buried in research and writing (two lonely but rewarding undertakings). So when I saw that Karin had tagged me on her blog It’s All Good If You Can Laugh I actually let out a “squeeee!” … which led Husband to jump up form couch demanding to know what the cat had dragged into the house THIS time! *snort*

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