Juliette Terzieff is a journalist/writer with fifteen years experience covering complex political, environmental, and human rights issues in hot spots and war zones in the Balkan, South Asian, and Middle East regions.

  • She engineered a three-week entry into Kosovo during NATO bombing campaign in 1999 to become one of only eight international journalists operating independently from Serbian supervision inside the Yugoslav province, and contributed to Newsweek’s win of the 1999 American Society of Magazine Editors Award for Reporting. Juliette established and implemented policies in South Asian bureaus of Western media outfits between 2001 and 2004 generating more than 300 stories, including 60 front page features and an unparalleled six-part series from Pakistani tribal areas.
  • Terzieff is the author of hundreds of articles and presentations on human rights, international politics, globalization and development.
  • Her work has appeared in print outlets Newsweek, the San Francisco Chronicle, Toronto’s National Post, the London Sunday Times, The Guardian and many others. She has also appeared live on CNN International, All American Talk Radio and Netherlands National Radio, and produced video reports for CNN International.
  • Terzieff co-authored the forward to “Undead is Not an Option” (Shanlian WordLit Press, May 2011) with actor IronE Singleton (“The Walking Dead”, “The Blind Side”), discussing the resurgence of the zombie genre in pop culture. She edited the collection of fiction and non-fiction stories with award-winning young adult author LK Gardner-Griffie.
  • Terzieff also authored “Women of the Court: Inside the WNBA” (Alyson Books, May 2008) – an in-depth look at the history of women’s basketball in the United States, the socio-political development of women in sports, and the formation of the Women’s National Basketball Association.

Terzieff is also a prolific public speaker. Her speaking topics relate to the role of business in human rights, women’s and children’s rights, human trafficking, child labor, American politics, international relations and cross-cultural understanding. Terzieff has appeared at business leaders’ dinners, conferences and workshops in the United States and Europe as a speaker, panel moderator and workshop leader.

Terzieff is founder and Commander-in-Chief of the Zombie Survival Crew,

an expanding grassroots movement for fans of the zombie, horror and sci-fi genres that aims to prepare its’ members for the onset of a local or global cataclysmic event. Terzieff travels across the U.S. alongside the ZSC’s celebrity command crew –which includes Norman Reedus, IronE Singleton, Michael Rooker, Kristin Bauer Van Straten, Anthony Michael Hall, Ernie Hudson and Addy Miller –helping to raise awareness of disaster preparedness and disaster response.