They got my vote …

Sometimes good things happen to good people.  

I’m sure it happens every day but by and large, the “feel good” events around us can often be overshadowed by “misery” in the world’s media headlines. I, too, am prone to highlighting worrisome or difficult issues here on my blog. Well, not today …

For a change, I’m going to give an enthusiastic cheer for two great ladies who deserve my – and your – support!

Two of my favorite bloggers Pauline a.k.a. @aspiringmama and Ellen a.k.a. @LoveThatMax have both had their blogs selected for pre-nominations as potential Best Parenting Blog contenders for Nickelodeon’s Parent Connect 2010 Parents’ Choice Awards!!!!!

Both of these amazing ladies use their blogs Aspiring Mama and Love That Max, respectively, to chronicle amazing journeys I won’t spoil by detailing here. Go check them out!

You certainly don’t have to vote for either Pauline or Ellen (though I hope you will) but I hope you WILL vote! All of these great mommies and daddies are putting in the effort to tell stories, impart information and/or help others. Most of them do by carving out time from their busy parenting and work schedules because they believe in the importance of the effort – even though few of them get the recognition they deserve for all their hard work.

Of the four dozen blogs in the pre-nomination round only FIVE will be selected to compete!

You can see ALL the pre-nominees and vote for your favorites here.

2 thoughts on “They got my vote …”

  1. Thank you for the mention, Juliette. I love you, too, and am just beyond amazed to have my blog up on the same page as the rest of these super-awesome people. Thanks for the vote of confidence, babe!

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