Blindsided…the IronE autobiography revealed

When IronE Singleton, a man most of you would recognize either as Alton in The Blind Side or as T-Dog from The Walking Dead, asked me to co-write his autobiography I was happy to jump in and help the man I knew—someone I called friend and thought I understood so well.

But then the writing process took me on a journey I didn’t quite anticipate.

From broken down Atlanta neighborhoods to the University of Georgia, from wildly uncomfortable interviews with family members who have embraced the thug life to heart breaking recollections of those who have passed, I learned the whole truth about a remarkable man. He should’ve been a statistic. Instead, despite his horrible early mistakes, he put his faith in God and found a way to rise above. He became an accomplished father, actor and man.

In many ways I think that through this project, with the Singleton family’s openness and love throughout, IronE was ultimately more help to my spirit than I was to his writing.

I’m very excited to announce that IronE’s autobiography …

Blindsided by the Walking Dead:

From surviving the streets to slaying the geeks

Is now available for pre-order!!

You can pick up a copy by clicking on the link above.

Here’s a little bit of what you’ll find inside its’ pages:

On the streets of Atlanta, the fight to survive is a daily battle.

From the drug-infested corners of one of the city’s worst housing projects, to alleyways filled with ravenous zombies– Blindsided by the Walking Dead examines one man’s battle to overcome the violence, drugs, and crime of the ‘hood; starting with a young IronE Singleton determined to succeed despite an abusive mother, an absent father, and the temptations of instant gratification inherent with the thug life.

Football and Faith in God become IronE’s allies in his quest to escape and help him reach for the lights of the University of Georgia’s football field and theater stages.

After years of struggle–failed businesses, small roles, and an ill-fated trip to Los Angeles–IronE snags his major breakthrough role, playing the kind of drug-dealing, gun-toting thug he would have become on the streets, in The Blind Side.

When he is cast as T-Dog on AMC’s international mega-hit “The Walking Dead”, IronE examines through art what humanity is about and what it means to truly survive against all odds. Alongside cast mates Michael Rooker, Norman Reedus, Jeffrey DeMunn, and Andrew Lincoln, IronE fought, gagged, and sweat his way into the hearts and minds of millions around the world.

13 thoughts on “Blindsided…the IronE autobiography revealed”

  1. Greetings, I would just like to say that I am very proud of this young man. I miss the good ole days though. Continue to master your craft and greatness will stay with you.

  2. Thank you Tara!!
    IronE is amazing, a testament to the beauty of the human spirit and I am honored to have had the chance to help him tell his story!

  3. I am continuously inspired by the growth and progress that Irone has made. I have been both a fan and a companion on his journey and I celebrate with you all as you continue on in this trek of life. Congrats sir, I look forward to getting my copy soon. d.Hill

  4. I am so excited to read this! We (my son and I) miss seeing him on The Walking Dead. (But his shout out to you on Talking Dead was awesome)

  5. I can’t begin to find the words to help explain my experience over the last few weeks as I immersed myself in this immensely colorful story about this AMAZING man that I’ve known and loved for so many years. It touched me in ways that I didn’t expect, rehashing emotions of joy, pain, hope, despair, anger, frustration, love and forgiveness. It took me on an unknown journey of the familiar, delivering me to a place of solace and peace. His transgressions as well as his accomplishments were not by accident, not by chance but by choice, on purpose …for purpose, for God, inspired by God. This book offers a testimony of struggle, overcome by truth and love. It provides insight on how one can transcend adversity and turn a dream into a reality. There are layers amongst layers of food for thought for:

    – the young adult struggling to find direction and focus
    – the aspiring actor wanting insight on how IronE survived a stagnant career
    – females wanting a males perspective on relationships
    – males desiring to become better fathers or husbands
    – anyone wanting wisdom on how to handle the isms that plague our nation
    – Walking Dead fans wanting to know more about IronE’s experience and journey as T-Dog
    – aspiring entrepreneurs
    – folks wanting insight on the street life
    – folks just wanting to read a dog ‘on AMAZING book

    I’m so proud of you Robert IronE Singleton and so thankful for you Juliette Terzieff for your willingness to embrace his story and help to bring this wonderful work of art to fruition
    and so blessed that God spared the life of a young boy from inner city Perry Homes to tell his story so that it might inspire and help save the lives of others.

  6. Congratulations!
    I cannot wait to read it. Like D, and Commaleta I’ve shared so much of your history, rooted for you for so long that I cannot help feeling proud of, what is only the tip of the iceberg.
    I pray success and fruitfulness.


  7. A truly inspriational person. Irone, his wife Commaleta and his entire family should be proud of his accomplishments. I look forward to reading the book and learning the whole story about this talented and good hearted man. Best of luck with it!

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