Conflict Zones Coverage

Samples of Juliette Terzieff’s work in the South Asia, Middle East, and the Balkans.


The Forbidden Frontier (November 2003, San Francisco Chronicle)

Day 1

Trouble on the border of Afghanistan and Pakistan


Day 2

The army of Mohammed

Alliances, Loyalties Rule in Pakistan border Area

Day 3

Inside a Taliban village


The Pashtun revere tribal honor — and back it up with rifles

Thankless job for Pakistani special crime unit

In Pakistan’s tribal areas, honor is the law

Impoverished villagers smuggle for survival

Woman, daughter pay for running with Al Qaeda

Pakistan’s Musharraf Faces Biggest Challenge to His Rule Yet (subscription req’d)

Wave of Attacks Shows Pakistan’s Struggle wwith Sectarian Strife Continues (subscritption req’d)


Bickering stalls Afghan grand council

Afghan women shock men at grand council

Karzai chosen to take Afghanistan to elections

Energized Afghans Heed Call to Army

Pilgrimage honors slain Afghan hero


Syrians’ hope for political openness dims

Syria says war hurting its economy

Muslim fighters, heeding the call, flock to Damascus


Syria pushes in vain to unite Arab nations against war

Whither the Damascus Spring? Syria Steps Up Crackdown on Reformers


Kashmir crucible puts heat on Pakistan’s leader

Gunbattle mars lead-up to election

In Kashmir, voters elect to sit out

Man behind India’s economic boom named prime minister


CNN – Audio

Residents Flee Macedonian Fighting (June 23, 2001)

Macedonian President Flees Rioters (June 26, 2001)

Macedonia Peace Hits New Snag (Aug. 7, 2001)

Battle for Tetovo Rages (Aug. 9, 2001)



Balkan Ghosts Never Die (Mar 12, 2001)

Macedonia: Inside a Rebel Camp (Apr 27, 2001)

Macedonia: Seeking Solutions (May 11, 2001)

San Francisco Chronicle

Oasis of Peace in Macedonia

Winds of War Stir Ethnic Fears in Macedonia

Rebels Humiliate Macedonian Army



Travel With the KLA (June 21, 1999)

In Kosovo, Fear and Hunger (May 10, 1999)

Behind a Band of Rebels (Apr 26, 1999)

Mission Uncertain (Apr 5, 1999)