Blog(h)er Smackdown – Take 2


What’s that old saying? People who live in glass houses really shouldn’t look in the mirror?!? … well, something like that …

No matter how realistically you think you view yourself, there are certain aspects of our individual nature or personality that we all like to ignore or hide away from the general public.

Trouble is, sometimes life forces you to look in the mirror and find an ugly truth. *sigh*

Sometimes the knowledge comes courtesy of a friend. Sometimes it comes courtesy of a life event.

And sometimes, just sometimes, it comes compliments of a 6-foot tall red furry monster that is supposed to be teaching babies and toddlers, not 30-something year olds, about the world.

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Enjoy the Silence

Just a quick entry here to apologize for the dead silence of the last couple weeks. 

I’ve had to tend to a family medical situation, but will be back to full time writing shortly.

Meantime, I’ll have a couple of short too-good-to-pass-up entries coming up in the next couple days.