The Walking Dead’s T-Dog takes aim at my crew!


I am super excited and smilin’ like a fool!

Robert “IronE” Singleton – T-Dog on AMC’s new hit The Walking Dead

has graciously agreed to get further involved with the #zombiesurvivalcrew and takes us on in a battle to the death of his fingers!

You have 48 hours to ask IronE any question you like by posting your query in the comment section!

Twitter Retweets and blog shout outs are encouraged!

IronE – from all of us on the #zombiesurvivalcrew – THANK YOU for doing this! Way to love the fans! And if there was ever any doubt you should be on the bus … well, heck, after this, I may even let you drive!

I will close out the “ask” period at 12 noon EST on Wednesday, December 1!!

His answers – barring any last minute scheduling conflicts – will appear just after The Walking Dead finale!!


A few ground rules:

  • You can ask all you want, but IronE’s a busy guy so let’s keep it concise please!
  • I will have IronE review questions in the order they are posted. (with one caveat, see next item)
  • If we get overrun with questions [20 cap], official #zombiesurvivalcrew peeps get first crack.
  • There are certain things he can’t reveal, so if you ask about Season 2 or future plans he may not be able to give a full answer.
  • I reserve the right to ask a question. (LOL)
  • Keep it clean and respectful! I will toss any questions I find offensive or vulgar.


And that’s it!


So my fellow SURVIVORS … what do you want to know???


46 thoughts on “The Walking Dead’s T-Dog takes aim at my crew!”

  1. I love that Mr. Singleton is doing this. What an amazing way to reach out to the fans in a creative way. I’ll have to think long and hard about my question. Don’t want to waste the opportunity. 🙂

  2. Thanks Ben!

    It is AWESOME that he’s doing this. The Walking Dead cast is great with the fans!!!

    Looking forward to your question!!!

    – J

  3. IronE, great fan of your work. (even more so because of your humble and social personality) I’m wondering if at any time during filming you’ve found yourself so engulfed in the scene that true emotions take over and separation becomes difficult…or if you just get creeped out by the walkers. In such a dramatic production, it seems so very likely. Again, great work! Thanks for your time!

  4. Thanks for being so awesome and coming for a visit!
    My question:
    What did you learn about yourself while filming The Walking Dead?

    Alta from the “Z-crew”

  5. J – I read the rules. I wanted it to be clear I was part of the crew ;)You know, just in case 😀
    Happy Monday everyone!

  6. Thanks Iron,
    we greatly appreciate you taking time out to do this. You make our day!
    So a question lets see, im the comedian of the group but i will try to rope in my comedic talent and get serious for a minute here.

    Out of all the roles you have played what has been the most important character to you and why? Basically what role do you think made you a better person/actor?
    Thanks,jennifer the “Z-crew”

  7. Effing sweet, dude. So nice of you to come chit-chat with us crazies… er fans. Yeah, that. Heh…

    Anyways… I’ve done my fair share of time in zombie makeup. Would you, if given the opportunity, get dolled up like a zombie?


  8. I would thoroughly express my gratitude for you doing this, but time is of the essence if we are to stay alive, so here’s my question.

    What is the one thing you would brave a horde of zombies to get? A friend, a loved one, your pets, a Twinkie…

  9. Of course HC would mention the Twinkie. Ever since Zombieland, we’ve had a stockpile for the zombiepocalypse. Which reminds me, I need to send a box to Australia, since they have none. *gasps* I know, it’s just wrong!

    Thanks for taking the time to review these questions. Now to put on my interviewer hat … What weapon do you feel would be the most vital to have with you? For instance, I have a compound bow, a 30/30, and a .22 rifle, but I’d probably prefer a crossbow.

    Thanks! No I must go write about vampires. 😉

  10. i was just wondering….if faced with a life or death situation…..would you run to save your own life or would you fight till death in order to protect your family?

  11. Two questions one on acting and one more fitting for the crew.

    What genuine life experience do you think contributed most to developing the character of T-Dog most for you?

    What item would you consider essential to grab when things go down, but isn’t necessarily something that would help with survival? E.g. Lori Grimes character grabbing family pictures, or for me, grabbing my pocket hard drive with my writing, family photos and music.

    Z-Crew Member “Bombmaker”
    (Side note J, it’s an improvement from my middle/high school friends calling me Unibomber. I think. I was t.hat kid in black fatigues, boots and a trench coat. Pre-Comumbine)

  12. Hi IronE! First of all, thank you so much for doing this! It’s so amazing that you are very connected to your fans and it’s greatly appreciated!!

    If you had been in Andrea’s shoes, would you have stayed by your loved one’s side until they reanimated as a zombie or would you have shot them before they returned? Personally, I would have done it before the reanimation for fear they would feel something. I know they would be a zombie at that point, and I’d shoot any if given the chance, but still…it’s a loved one.

  13. This is awesome! I love the show but don’t have time to watch as often as I would like. Here is my question for IronE: After working on The Walking Dead, how do you think you would do in a zombie apocolpyse? Thank you for doing this, by the way.

  14. I think it is awesome that you are willing to take questions, thanks so much. This is fantastic & thanks to Juliette for making it happen. So… my question, hmmm.

    What is has been your favorite part of the TWD experience? Enquiring minds want to know. 😉


  15. Hey, wow, thanks for the great opportunity. I’ll make it short and sweet. IronE, what would be your dream role to play in a movie?

  16. Hey IronE! You are my favorite character on WD. I love how you quietly portray the depth of your character. It’s intense! Question: If you were sitting with a group of survivors chatting possible scenarios, would you tell them to shoot you immediately were you to be infected? Also, could you take out a friend/family member who you knew was infected? Thanks for your time!

  17. Thanks for taking the time to answer our questions! I have two (I’m greedy like that…just another reason I’d survive the zombie apocalypse).

    What is your favorite book and if you have a celebrity crush, who is it?

    Jennifer Joseph

  18. Hi, IronE!

    In order to endure a zombiecalypse, you would have to have a well developed survival instinct as well as a pretty wide range of skills. What is T-Dog’s best quality?

    PS – Thanks for taking time out of your busy schedule to thrill us fans!

  19. Wow, great that you’re taking the time to do this! Thanks..

    I have two questions. One is a repeat…I love launicaangelina’s question…if you were in Andrea’s shoes would you have waited that long for someone you love to become a zombie, then kill them?

    Second question: Why do you think this show is so popular? They have done zombies before but never with this kind of following. Why do you think that is?

    Thanks again

  20. Okay, here’s my question, and it may be a kinda weird one. Zombies, at least in the fantasy genre, are continually decomposing but never falling apart. What’s would you say the mythology is in this more urban “realistic” setting?

  21. So…if I were to stop by the set… WOULD YOU HELP ME BE A ZOMBIE?!

    Ok, better question…

    Do you ever get grossed out by the gore scenes you’re in?

  22. Hey IronE! Couple of questions…

    1) Did you ever have a moment during filming The Walking Dead where you actually felt scared for a second? Like, “OH DEAR GOD A ZOMBIE IS GOING TO EAT ME ALIVE!” scared?

    2) Which scene from The Walking Dead grossed you out the most?

    3) What would you do in a real zombie invasion?

    4) What do you RECOMMEND to all of us in the case of a real zombie invasion?

    5) What are you scared of and is it zombies?

    Okay, five’s my limit. Sorry for all the zombie related questions, this show’s got me really hyped up haha 😀 Feel free to only answer one, I just really wanted to know any of them. Huge fan, stay safe for all of us out there who are Team T-Dog all the way!! <3 <3

  23. Okay, here’s my question…

    Can you tell Jeff DeMunn that I said “hi”?

    I’m a former child actor, we were in a movie called SESSIONS together, and he was so nice to me throughout filming, and I’ve been watching his career ever since. He’s on my list of “people I would come out of acting retirement to work with again.” (You know, assuming I could still get hired.)

    Thanks for answering all these questions, I’m loving the show and ALL your performances.

    Carrie (

  24. Ooh. I finally thought of a question worth bothering people with. 😀

    How much, if anything, do you believe the current political climate is tempering the resurgence of the zombie apocalypse genre; and – if I am allowed a run-on question – do you see the genre outliving any passing cultural touchstones to become as mythic as vampires have become?

  25. Hi IronE,

    I really appreciate you doing this for us. You are doing a fantastic job on The Walking Dead and I’m looking forward to seeing you in more things.

    1. Who did you bond with on set?

    2. Can you tell us more about your character T-Dog? What’s his story?

    3. What is T-Dog’s weapon of choice?

    4. What type of roles peak your interest?

    Thanks for answering my questions.

  26. Do you make the rounds at conventions? I’m helping to organize Contagion: Outbreak! ( and we’d love to have you! Any agent contact info you can pass along? Much appreciated!

  27. OK – that is it!
    The official comment/ask period is now CLOSED.
    Thank you all for some really intruiging questions!
    Answer post from IronE after The Walking Dead Finale!

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