Vuvuzela Dogpound?!?!

So here we are … the morn of the 2010 World Cup semifinals.

For football fans, this is the week we relish when it comes along every four years. For World Cup haters, it means the torture is almost over (and I’ve got a special treat for you, just to get you through.)

The Netherlandsmy pre-tournie pick to win – is going to square off on the pitch against spunky Uruguay and my new football fave Diego Forlan. Tomorrow Germany will face off against Spain.

The first match will hurt no matter what, because I want both teams to win. The second is clear cut – Spain all the way. (Though to be honest, the Germans are looking mighty tough so far.)

There have been some seriously amazing – and some not so amazing – moments during this tournament that will keep football fans talking until the next World Cup. I’m thinking:

  • England’s goal gift to the U.S.,
  • Gyan’s missed penalty in the last seconds of the Uruguay match,
  • Serbia taking down Germany during the group stage,
  • North Korea’s gutsy performance against Brazil, and
  • Italy failing to make it to the round of sixteen.

But without a doubt THE most memorable thing from the 2010 World Cup is the vuvuzela. The plastic horns have been the star this year, generating more press than anything on the pitch. Some people love them.

Most people???? Well, I submit the following as evidence of the prevailing international opinion of the noisemakers …

Dog vs. Vuvuzela: Dog Wins

from dpollitt