A World Cup to Remember

It went down to the wire….. My pre-tournie pick to win – The Netherlands – fell to a well-deserving side from Spain in an extremely “colorful” nail-biter of a final match.

No doubt the real winner of the 2010 FIFA World Cup was Africa. As former United Nations Secretary-General Kofi Annan told the BBC:

South Africans should be proud of what they have produced. It’s been an organisational and logistical feat, some doubted them but they’ve proven them wrong and it’s also been good for the continent.

We have proven we can organise, we have proven we can receive, welcome and make people feel at home. And I think people have also discovered there’s another side of Africa.

South Africa did an amazing job welcoming the world’s football fans and putting on a great show. The tournament itself was a treat – with some amazing matches, phenomenal play and quite a few refereeing controversies.

Here are my picks for the 2010 World Cup’s greatest:

Favorite Moment: Giovanni von Bronckhorst’s unbelievable bullet goal to take the Netherlands up 1-0 against Uruguay. Simply mind blowing.

Favorite Match: It may not have been the best match, but North Korea’s gusty performance against Brazil was an inspiration.

Most Memorable Moment: Gyan’s missed penalty in the last seconds against Uruguay after a Suarez hand ball that ultimately saved the match.

Most Memorable player: DIEGO FORLAN. Absolutely amazing ….

What will you remember most from the 2010 FIFA World Cup????

One thought on “A World Cup to Remember”

  1. Hm. I’ll remember the absolute imploding of France, of course.

    But I think what I’ll find most memorable is how the German team performed, and how young Muller was so dominant. I kept remembering two World Cups ago, when this guy named Klose was setting the tournament on fire with all! those! goals! (That flip when he scored became legendary.)

    And now I kept wondering if we would ever see Klose again on the international scene, or if the new young guys had now essentially pushed him and Ballack aside.

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