Crafty Cranes and Tykes for Turtles

Alfred Hitchcock had it right.

After two months of Gulf Coast oil spill-inspired volunteering at the seabird sanctuary and hospital, I have come to the conclusion that Hitchcock’s The Birds (story by Daphne Du Maurier) is no fiction. More probably, it is an unauthorized biography of some poor fool who thought helping birds at his or her local sanctuary was a relaxing feel-good way to fulfill civic responsibility.

No, the truth is, the birds are out to get us! Or, at least me ….

Now why would this animal loving, 2 cats in the family, avid campaigner against animal abuse and careless environmental degradation say such a thing?!?

First it was the pelicans – well, one sneaky individual pelican to be precise, who decided my leg looked a lot like breakfast. If you missed it, check out the infamous Pelican Brief.

This week it was a crane. I was preparing sit down on a foot-tall stool about 1/3 the size of my backside to feed some baby bluebirds, when out of the corner of my eye I saw the injured crane lunge towards me. I bucked, and toppled back off the stool onto my back, cracked my elbow and dumped raw meat and formula all over my chest. Lovely ….

To be fair to the bird in question, it was later clarified that Mr. Crane was merely lunging toward some food on the floor near my feet and not at me. The evidence in his favor did little to keep me from swearing quietly at Mr. Crane the rest of my volunteer shift as the bruises began to display mini-rainbows on various parts of my body… though I did pet him on my way out the door.

So I ask you, would anyone blame me if I never went back?

Well, of course I will go back #iamaSucker #iknow ….

But for the next few days at least I will turn my back on those beaky little fly-boys and instead turn my attention to turtles thanks to the amazing effort of two youngsters, Jack and Hala.

You can read all the details here, but @QueenofSpain ‘s (Erin Kotecki Vest’s) 7 year old son and 5 year old daughter were so moved by the story of oil-soaked turtles along the Gulf Coast and effort to save them, that they put up six of their hand-drawn pictures for auction with all monies going to Sea Turtle relief organizations.

Each picture will go to the highest bidder. The bidding ends July 10, 2010 at midnight.

I cannot think of a better way for us all to demonstrate our commitment to working towards the common good.

To support not only the efforts to save turtles from the oil spill, but, also to support two young children who have more gumption than most adults I know, I will donate $5.00 for EVERY person who reads this blog and makes a bid on the Vest children’s artwork (whether you win it or not).

Comment here, email me or message me via Twitter to let me know, so I can keep track.


8 thoughts on “Crafty Cranes and Tykes for Turtles”

  1. Thank you. Truly. The kids, at first, wanted to do a lemonade stand and I explained to them that we might be able to reach more people via the internet. They were thrilled and brainstormed the idea.

    Now, every morning they get up and ask how many turtles they can help. They actually want to fly there to pitch in, and it’s been all I can do to explain to them we can’t just go there and clean turtles.

    My son is still very disturbed by the photos and I’m afraid he will be haunted by the images for life. At the very least he will know he did what he could to help.

    I just told them both what you agreed to do, and they are smiling from ear to ear. They would like to make YOU a special turtle crayon drawing as their thanks.

    Again, my heart is forever grateful.


  2. Though I don’t have much money – I love the heart of this endeavor. I bid $20 for the lovely pictures – a sum that I will donate to the cause, whether I win or not.

  3. I honestly could not choose between any of the children’s drawings, so I made a direct donation to QueenofSpain’s PayPal account. Thank you for helping the turtles. You are awesome!

  4. Hala and Jack are MOST welcome!
    They are setting an example for every single one of us!
    I look forward to receiving the turtle picture and will always treasure it as a reminder of the kind of difference individuals can make if they are willing to stand up and be counted.
    ~ J

  5. UPDATE:
    I have also received 3 @s from individuals who either bid or donated, and 1 email.
    So that’s 4 more!!!
    Thank you everyone!!!!
    Keep ’em coming …..
    ~ J

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