Depp Chronicles

So who would I want to be if I were a middle-aged male?

And why the heck should you care?

The first answer is easy: Johnny Depp

The second answer is slightly more complex: As I start the approach to the beginning of something that might in a few years be considered to perhaps be middle-aged, (oh shut up…. just bear with me) I often wonder how and whether I am using my natural talents to make this world a better place. This question is something that should be a central aspect to our thinking as we grow, for every single one of us has a contribution to make – large, small and everything in between – to our global community.

…. Ummmm, and yes, I did call Johnny Depp middle-aged (he’s 47 actually) …. And why am I thinking about being a man? Because I live in the real world, and in the real world, men still continue – for the most part – to drive the future strategy for our species …. *ducks and runs for cover*

So why Johnny Depp?  (Beside the fact that he is not a politician?)

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The Real World Champions

The battle lines are drawn. Tension is running high. Passion is only slightly behind. The world is abuzz with the vuvuzela. We are on the verge of the first knock-outs of the 2010 FIFA World Cup.

As football (soccer) fans around the world gear up to roar their chosen sides onto victory, there is one team people around the world should all be rooting for:

Stand Up United


This side, put together by the world’s largest grassroots human rights organization Amnesty International, features a roster of true heroes – individuals who see wrong in the world around them and choose to stand up and act.

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