Depp Chronicles

So who would I want to be if I were a middle-aged male?

And why the heck should you care?

The first answer is easy: Johnny Depp

The second answer is slightly more complex: As I start the approach to the beginning of something that might in a few years be considered to perhaps be middle-aged, (oh shut up…. just bear with me) I often wonder how and whether I am using my natural talents to make this world a better place. This question is something that should be a central aspect to our thinking as we grow, for every single one of us has a contribution to make – large, small and everything in between – to our global community.

…. Ummmm, and yes, I did call Johnny Depp middle-aged (he’s 47 actually) …. And why am I thinking about being a man? Because I live in the real world, and in the real world, men still continue – for the most part – to drive the future strategy for our species …. *ducks and runs for cover*

So why Johnny Depp?  (Beside the fact that he is not a politician?)

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