Worldwide zombie infestations begin …

The zombie hordes have invaded our cities. No one is safe. The shambling rotting corpses are everywhere!!!! A zombie apocalypse has begun.

As the infestations spread across borders a growing number of vigilant citizens around the world are taking up arms to battle back the hordes. Our only hope as a species – as it has always been – lies in putting aside our individual differences in favor of cooperating for the whole.

Since the beginning of June, the world has been in the grip of an all-out “braiiiiiins fest” that erupted after years of growing Hollywood, gamer and novel obsession with the living dead.

Those of you who dismissed my early warnings may have been laughing then …. well you’re likely to find yourselves dinner shortly.

But don’t take my word for it. Examine the evidence yourself.

Ponder the above and tell me you’re not ready to begin your own preparations ….

Next time, for those of you still breathing, I’ll lay out some simple steps you can take now to increase our chances of surviving the plague. But I’ll leave you with this …. like every other issue facing the human race – poverty, hunger, human rights, the environment —  we are stronger if we stick together.

Think about it.

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