The Great Movie Mystery

I love movies. Good movies, bad movies, funny movies, stupid movies. I have a (annoying?) tendency to see movies I love over and over. And I have a bizarre quirk of remembering actors and movies that most people have forgotten (usually for good reason).

I am particularly partial to horror movies (surprise, surprise) and pride myself on having seen some of the worst ever made. I bet you can see what’s coming ….

A couple days ago I had a conversation with friends about a movie they once saw, but cannot remember the name of … and I have not been able to identify it.

I will be immensely grateful if anyone out there can name this movie for me!

To sweeten the offer, the first person to figure it out will get some Halloween candy via post! (Only U.S.-based please, for custom reasons, but everyone is welcome to lend a hand if they want!) If you know the movie please leave a comment and tell me what it is!

We know it was an English language film – most likely American, but could be Canadian, Australian or British.

The friends saw this movie in the mid to late 1970s.

What they remember is the following:

An early scene in the movie takes place in a bedroom with a fireplace. A young girl, about age 8, is drawing flowers on the wall by dipping her fingers in a red substance and singing. As the camera pulls out, the viewers realize the girl’s parents are hacked to pieces on the bed and the fire consists of children’s toys.

One of the two friends who saw this movie remembers at some point learning that the girl killed her parents after the parents threw the toys in the fire – which they did because they didn’t have enough money for firewood.

The rest of the movie is a blank ….

Any of this ring any bells for anyone?????

5 thoughts on “The Great Movie Mystery”

  1. My friend came back and said he hasn’t found anything that matches what you’ve described. He’ll keep looking, but wonders if it’s a TV episode from Night Gallery or the like? Or, perhaps the details are a mix of more than one film?

  2. I suppose it could be from a TV episode or something like that …
    but you’ve certainly tried the hardest to figure it out.
    I’ll give it a few more days, and if no one comes forth with an answer or a more researched approach, I shall declare you the winner!

    Thank you for trying!!!

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