Raising a glass for a good cause

Ok, truth time.

The run-up to the BlogHer conference later this week in New York City, and all the pre-conference #dayjob meetings I have after coming off a 6 a.m. flight into JFK airport have got my brain a bit scattered.

Full disclosure? I’m so frazzled I freaked myself out earlier today when talking to #TBFF @AspiringMama when I got it in my head that I am leaving tomorrow.  It is actually @AspiringMama who is leaving tomorrow. With all the packing, the organizing, the regular day job tasks, house cleaning, vet visits, prescription filling and dead camera batteries, can you blame me?

What I find particularly amusing about my current state of mind is that while I am attending a major blogging conference where I have been named a Voices of the Year finalist no less, I am not really blogging this week! How’s that for irony? Or slacking? Or …. Well, you get the picture.

But I always post on Mondays so I didn’t want to leave you all with nothing to show for visiting my little blog. (… and, honestly, with 4 minutes left in the day on the U.S. East Coast I won’t make it … but Central and Pacific time zones can still read this on Monday so that counts. Right. Right?!? Yes, right.)

Last week, the United Nations General Assembly backed a resolution confirming access to clean water and sanitation facilities as basic human rights. The measure got 122 countries’ votes – 41 abstained, but none voted against it. Unsurprisingly, but unfortunately, the U.S., Canada, U.K. and Australia were among those who abstained from the vote.

As a part of my BlogHer related activities, I have signed up to participate in Proctor & Gamble’s Give Health Clean Water Blogivation campaign which kicks off this coming Friday, August 6.  The campaign asks bloggers to post about water issues and their desire to foment change, and then to urge their friends and readers to vote for their entry. Every time a person votes, the company will donate 2 liters of drinking water to an individual in a developing country.

I have no affiliation with Proctor & Gamble. I have not read their most recent Corporate Social Responsibility reports. I do not track their water foot-printing efforts, nor have any in depth knowledge of their position on climate legislation.

But any effort to put water into the mouths of those who need it most, gets my support – and I hope yours. (There’s still time to sign up and participate!)

2 thoughts on “Raising a glass for a good cause”

  1. Hi Juliette

    I have been meaning to find out from you how the blogher conference went (your contact info had been lost for a long time). I was the photographer that went along with your beautiful inspiring words and was saddened not have the opportunity to go to NY and meet you. Sounds like it was an amazing time and I would attest to what a wondering experience it is to meet woman all over the world that you’ve been connecting with online.

    I hope you liked what I choose. I was thinking of the dandelion and each pedal (don’t know what else to call it) looking out in the big vast world, holding strong together. If we are doing it together the world is not so big.

    Anyway i just wanted to say it was an honor to be apart of it. Congratulations!!

  2. Amy,

    Thank you so much for reaching out to me! I, too, am sorry we didn’t get a chance to meet in New York.
    I loved what you chose, and had hoped we would be able to connect at some point!!!
    If you are on Twitter, please find me @jterzieff


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