Voices of the Year represent an amazing community

The unthinkable has happened!

I am a 2010 BlogHer Voice of the Year finalist!!!

I can’t even type that without letting out an ear-splitting “squeeeeee!” and sending our cats – yet again – scurrying for the safety of the nearest closet. Actually, our cats have taken up semi-permanent residence (alternately) on the ceiling, in the closet and under the bed from the incessant screaming since I found out that somehow I made the finalist list.

If this keeps up, I predict a visit to the vet’s office to get some anxiety pills for our beloved felines.

(And I’ll be asking the vet to send the bill to BlogHer.)

The post that earned me this amazing honor –

 New Media: The Good, the Bad and the Downright Ugly

— talked about the power of social media to mobilize people around the world for good and the dangers we all face as social media becomes an information and news clearinghouse.

The competition in the Geeky/Nerdy and other categories in the 2010 BlogHer Voices of the Year was amazing, and I feel truly honored to be in such great company – not only with the other finalists and keynote speakers, but also with all of the bloggers who entered. The information, emotion and service contained in the blog entries was entertaining, sobering and important.

To BlogHer and the selection committee:

Thank you, I am ecstatic to have my efforts included in such an amazing body of work!

~ Juliette

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