Lessons from the World

What I’ve learned so far from the World Cup ….a.k.a. a primer for Yanks


  • It’s fooball, futbol, the world’s sport ….. NEVER soccer (even if the U.S. commentators or desk jockeys say “soccer” regularly)


  • Fluorescent yellow or orange colored footwear is very distracting.


  • The Germans still look like a well-oiled machine. This is a World Cup standard that never seems to change.


  • Football players are pretty good actors. Their ability to roll around on the pitch (that’s the field), writhing in agony, only to jump up again when they realize the ball is still in play is quite often award worthy. See the world’s best hambones here.


  • The Vuvuzela has already won the Cup … for passion, that is. No single country team, nor match, has inspired the passion of this long plastic trumpet that when blown by tens of thousands of fans simultaneously drive bees across the world into a mad frenzy.


  • World cup coaching staffs are in desperate need of some fashion help. Of the coaches prowling the side of the pitch so far, only Diego Maradona (of Argentina) looked good. One country’s coaching staff was decked out in shiny (yes, shiny, sparkly) silver suits.


  • The Brits win the early cup award for most passionate fans thanks to the shenanigans of ITV reporter James Corden, who has issued the Back the Beard challenge to British males – urging them to refrain from shaving as long as England is in the tourney. (Ladies can print and cut out a fake beard to sport and show their solidarity).


  • The British goal keeper Robert Green, the man with the Hand of Clod, loves the United States. Cheers mate, we’ll take it.


  • Most Americans STILL don’t get the world’s obsession with the majestic game of football. *sigh*


I’m sure I’ve missed some salient points here, so futbol fans please feel free to add to the list!!!

9 thoughts on “Lessons from the World”

  1. The main thing that people in the states don’t ‘get’ is the passion with which the Brits especially follow football.
    Legendary Liverpool manager Bill Shankly once said: “Some people think football is a matter of life and death. I assure you, it’s much more serious than that.”

    You guys are the only nation with a visiting fan base larger than that of England – until all you guys go home anyway 😉

  2. You may be shocked to know I am one of the few on the planet who has never in her entire life watched a world cup match. Is that what it is called?

    From your post I think I want to watch Germany and Argentina play each other, even if that is impossible. I don’t have a clue.

    I do know the US and the UK tied, or is it solely England because perhaps Scotland and Ireland have their own teams? See? I apologize for knowing so little I am dangerous. (And yes, thank you for the Monday tweets!)

  3. Thank you for the comment!!
    Stick with me, I’ll talk you through the World Cup!
    Germany, Argentina would be a hoot!! (and did you see my post about the team my Twitterati chose to win?!?)
    There’s a VERY “good” reason to be rooting for Argentina! LOL

  4. Oh my gosh! That video of the dives was hysterical! Much as I love watching the games, I absolutely adore the overacting of the football divers, writhing in “pain” on the pitch. I thought the Italian team won the diving championship last time.

    And yes — it’s FOOTBALL. World football, as opposed to Canadian football or American football. It is not “soccer.” Harumph!

  5. I know right?!?!?!? LOL!!
    I have to say I have a particular fondness for the Croatian “dives” — always good entertainment value!!! *snort*

  6. Most football sports presenters on TV are retired footballers.

    In case you were wondering about James Corden not looking as though he comes from an athletic background: He’s actually a comedy writer/actor who fronts a novelty comedy sports show on satellite TV.

    He’s co-writer of and actor in the excellent ‘Gavin & Stacy’ Sitcom (you really have to be English or Welsh to appreciate it fully.) but he’s done various football related comedy sketches for charity telethons. He currently hosts the light-hearted post-match review show on ITV1 – but he’s NO FOOTBALLER!

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