As a devoted fan of all things bloodsucker, I was delighted to read about all of the bloody creatures snapping up honors at last night’s Peoples’ Choice Awards.

The New Moon installment based on the Twilight saga phenomenon sucked up four awards, including favorite movie, franchise, on-screen team and breakout male actor for Tayler Lautner. My other current favorite fang-fare, HBO’s True Blood (based on Charlaine Harris’ series) grabbed favorite television obsession, while CW series The Vampire Diaries won for new television drama.

My joy in this news is twofold. One, it means we’re likely to see more bloodsuckers soon rising to feast in contemporary literary fiction works, on television and in the movies. Two, the popularity of these walking dead – who tend to either glory in the hunt or live in eternal torment – means that I am definitely NOT alone in my not-so-secret infatuations. (phew!!!!)

A few thoughts before I slip off to sleep …

While all True Blood fans are waiting eagerly for the third season to begin its run later this year, here’s a little piece of heart-pumping news.  True Blood creator Alan Ball gave an interview in which he says he now has a contract to take the show through season 4.

A freak for all things Harry Potter, I adored Cedric Diggory’s character in the books and just howled when Robert Pattinson got hit with the Avada Kedavra in the movie version of Goblet of Fire.  I’m really glad to see him go on to play a character as interesting and yummy as Edward. There’s just something about those eyes …. glamour, maybe??? (but not so sure about the hair …. Maybe Twilight saga producers should consider a makeover like vampire sheriff Eric got after True Blood’s first season.)

And lastly, how’s this for an idea? Johnny Depp walked away with favorite actor of the decade last night. He’s certainly got a penchant for playing roles nobody in their right mind would take, and making them fantastic. Why not a vampire role for Johnny? Two of the best things pop culture has going for it in one package?

Now that’s something I’d willingly put my neck on the line for ….

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