I’m swinging for the other team!

After boycotting the first few weeks of this season’s Dancing With the Stars (see my reasoning here) I landed very quickly in the “ain’t-that-the-girl-from-Dirty-Dancing?” camp.

Well the semi-finals last night didn’t disappoint and Jennifer Grey was amazing.

That waltz actually made me cry.

And Bristol? Well, dance-wise she’s the weakest one by a long-shot but I’m giving her props for sticking it out and finally finding her dance. That paso had pizzazz.



But my team?


Now I realize a few hours from now – depending on how the American public voted – this could all be moot. But I’m going to go ahead anyway ….

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Lost – the new series


It’s official.

The producers, directors, and everyone else in charge of

my two favorite television shows have lost their minds.


First up – the show I still have hope for. True Blood.

Last night, we watched Eric Northman stroll out into the sun and certain death in a bid to defeat Russell Edgington. The problem here is that Northman, played by Alexander Skarsgard is the best character/actor/casting-combo on the show.

If Eric does not survive the season finale (which HBO just had to postpone for two weeks) it is likely True Blood will lose a lot of viewers …. Including me. For the record, I do not actually believe Eric will cease to exist ….not because I have read the books on which the series is based, but because it would be numbers suicide for the show. I just felt the need to express myself on that particular plot development.


Now for the second –

 Dancing with the Stars which announced the line up for the new season yesterday.

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