Tis the season … to Give Clean Water

My regular readers will remember a couple months back I participated in the P&G Give Health Clean Water Blogivation to provide clean drinking water to people in the developing world.

Bloggers, myself included, who participated in the inaugural challenge collected an amazing 21,000 days of clean water!!! My original post can be found here.



The company has decided to extend the program in a

 bid to provide 100,000 days of clean water by the end of 2010.



All you have to do is click below, and verify your vote – and someone in the developing world will get one days of clean water.

This is NOT a contest – it is simply an opportunity to take a few seconds out of your day to help someone in need.

I hope you will vote, and vote often.

Thank you!!!

Can Crisis Secure the Right to Water?

What comes to mind when you think about water?

Perhaps a swim in the pool on a hot day, ice cubes in your favorite drink or the relaxation of a long, hot shower after a tough day at work.

Well what if you could have none of those things? What if water – and the necessity of its use – translated into stomach cramps …diarrhea …malnutrition …death?

For 884 million people a source of safe drinking water is unavailable, according to UNICEF, and for 2.5 billion people there is no access to clean sanitation.

Over 3 million people a year die as a result of water-borne diseases. In the time it took me to type that sentence, a child died from lack of clean water.

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