Special Teams Ning Community

The Special Teams community is congregated over at our new Ning community!!!

 It’s a judgement-free space for parents, caregivers, advocates and supporters of ill or special needs children to gather, share and learn from each other’s journeys. Find us here:


Please come visit, join and post any material you think is relevant!

I’ve kept the Special Teams page here on my personal blog for reference – and because I will still be blogging occasionally about related issues.

Tasmanian Devil Cancer Cause Identified

A piece of positive news for the animal kingdom to close out 2009 and welcome 2010

Australian and American researchers believe they have uncovered the cause of a cancer that has decimated the world’s Tasmanian devils populations, pushing the marsupial towards extinction at a frighteningly quick rate. Scientists hope to use the information to formulate a cure in time to save the species.

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