Systematic Failure: The Schizophrenia of Air Travel

Maybe it’s the rose-colored nostalgia of pleasant family memories. Maybe it’s impending middle age. Or maybe, just maybe, I am not as patient as I’d like to think I am…. but I’ve decided air travel has degenerated into little more  than exhausting exercise of getting from Point A to Point B in the most frustrating way possible.

Increased security requirements aside – some of which are bizarre and seem somehow foolish, but ultimately serve to protect us all, what has really turned air travel into a patience test is all of the changing individual airline policies, and the havoc they (inadvertently) unleash.

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Flying into Chaos

Dear Fellow Travelers, Airline Personnel and Rude Individuals –

A recent airplane trip reminded, again, of how crazy this world can be. It seems that many travelers have lost all sense of common decency, common sense and manners. Most of the time its comical – but it’s also pretty sad. Please consider the following as a desperate plea for some consideration and a return to sanity. 

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A new front in the Fat Wars?

Here are my questions for the day …

  1. should director Kevin Smith be getting an apology from Southwest Airlines because he was pulled off a flight for being too large?
  2. And if he did deserve the apology – why him and not every other fattie who has ever been pulled off or charged extra for taking up too much space?
  3. And more broadly, what do we all think about airline plans to charge obese people more for air travel?

I mean seriously, at a time when a higher percentage of Americans, Europeans and Asians are overweight than ever before, these are questions that get some seriously emotional responses.  

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