The Thankful Dead

By Yours Truly, with an assist from the other half of my brain RC Murphy

When we look at the world around us today, there is plenty to dampen our mood or scare us into near emotional paralysis. Wars. Human rights abuses. Wacky weather. Government meltdowns. Corporate greed. And all that beyond whatever may be happening for us individually at work, at home, in our relationships.

But still there is plenty to be thankful for. (Yes, tomorrow is Thanksgiving in the U.S. and we’ve purposely chosen to run with this now even though the idea has been percolating for some time.)

Anyone who knows either Renee or myself knows we are huge fans of AMC’s The Walking Dead and Commanders on the Zombie Survival Crew, so some of you may be able to guess where this is going.

The TopTen reasons we’re thankful this year—viewed through the lens of The Walking Dead

1 – The Walking Dead, right from its premise reminds us that things can always be worse…far, far worse than they are and does not shy away from repeatedly reminding us of this important truth. It is a painful reality of the human condition that few care to dwell on.

2 – The show gives us real people, not caricatures. Within the main survivor group there is a person, or persons, we can all identify with. That may be painful at times – as none of the characters are perfect and all of them carry significant baggage – but it’s real.

3 – We get characters as sweet as Glen to keep us smiling and Dale to help keep us morally grounded.

4 – Each episode is a veritable “what to, and not to, do” checklist for survival during a cataclysmic event scenario.

5 – The show is not afraid to tackle tough subjects, like religion, that play an important role during periods of conflict.

6 – Get to know the enemy. TWD strives to give viewers new, scarier scenarios where a zombie (or any enemy) is waiting to chew your face off. We can use it as study material.

7 – Weapons. Weapons. Weapons. Just when you think they’ve exhausted every possible option to use as a weapon, out comes something like a grocery store shelf. We’re waiting to see the kitchen sink.

8 – Conversations about The Walking Dead have a way of birthing other ideas. Whether it is about atrocities currently spanning the globe, or how much we think a crossbow would cost.

9 – Without this show, we wouldn’t have been brought together with our fellow ZSC commanders or the multitude of amazing crewmembers that’ve joined us on this wild ride.

10 – Lastly, an amazingly supportive cast and crew. Not only do they hold each other up during filming grueling scenes in harsh environments, but also honestly and truly love fans of the show. We’re constantly surprised by how willing they are engage with the fan-base and show their appreciation.

For fans of the show, what else sparks a chord? For those who haven’t seen it yet—what are you waiting for??? It’s a learning experience that will leave you thankful for what you do have, and ready to face the worst with a bit of swagger.

4 thoughts on “The Thankful Dead”

  1. Well said. I am thankful because I frickin’ LOVE zombie flicks & shows. Especially when they’re as well-done as TWD, with such fantastic character development.

    Happy Thanksgiving, all!

  2. well Jules you’ve done it again! well done! what i like most
    in TWD (which we now watch because of you LOL) is the fact that
    despite their difficulties….they talk/communicate to/with each
    other….something that is missing from American society of late.
    will it take the end of the world for us to start communicating again
    in America? let’s hope not…meanwhile we are thankful this thanksgiving for people like Juliette who put it all out there!

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