Not quite the stalker I hoped for…


Not by choice I have been relatively quiet lately here on my blog … and I thought it was about time you all learned the truth. [I have omitted names to protect the innocent from being targeted.]

Just about two months ago, a crossbow-wielding zombie-killin’ actor jumped on my blog and left a comment alongside his The Walking Dead cast mates to join my crazy zombie crew, unleashing pandemonium in my email inbox and twitter DM stream.

I noticed an immediate uptick in the hits on my blog. Yeah, big surprise, right?!? Not… He is a “Saint” after all.

I railed at the “Unnamed Secret Government Agency” in my tweets as the assaults intensified and The Walking Dead slowly but surely overran my life … with some help from the Unnamed Secret Government Agency’s army of #zombietermites






But over the next few days I noticed the same IP address hitting my blog every few minutes, hitting on that same post repeatedly, over, and over, and over, and over, and …. You get the picture.

At first I laughed. Then I got creeped out.

My TBFF suggested I put it out on Twitter and see if we couldn’t identify the “loser” who was living on my blog.

So I did.

Nobody responded.

The IP address kept hitting that same page over and over and over again.

Another Twitter friend DMd to ask me what was going on. I didn’t realize at the time that this person also happens to be a tech-genius. She did some digging and came back with some disturbing news …

The IP address?

Belongs to a government agency…unnamed by the information we could find.


Yep. You read it right …. I actually did bring the unnamed secret government agency down on my head with a little help from you-know-who.

[After an initial, and rather amusing, bout of panic that included me swearing quite profusely and running around in circles another tech-wizard friend pointed out that it was probably just an automatic program that latched on to a key word and I could definitely un-board the doors and windows.]






I checked a few days ago and it was still happening with frightening regularity. Now that I have written this post (and am preparing to hit publish) I just don’t have it in me to go and check again.

If I disappear in the days or weeks following publication I will leave it to my beloved Zombie Survival Crew to come and find me. Please?


23 thoughts on “Not quite the stalker I hoped for…”

  1. Thank you Colorado brigade!!
    Nice to know my girlz have got my back!!
    And Patricia? Honey, I’ve bee packed for over a month!!!
    Ready to run at 10 seconds notice!
    ~ J

  2. Lora!
    Just realized you have a name quite similar to my only other “approved” stalker! How crazy is that?!?
    But the best part about you two is that I can count on ya to back me!
    Thanks chica!
    ~ J

  3. Ha! Mister Dixon ….
    I knew you’d land on my side eventually!!
    I shall refrain from trying to give you a hu…. yeah, you know what I was going to say!
    *salutes with crossbow*
    ~ J

  4. You know plenty of us got your back.. And have the resources to take out….errrr….take care of that “unnamed gumming agency”

  5. I’m sure that I’m the other approved stalker, as I have openly claimed… but that’s cuz she rocks and I want to bask in her essence, er, presence. I have no idea how you check for that stuff!

    Well, I really like you, your blog, and I will be at your back *whispers* remember our jail break plans *looks around with intense paranoia*

    *starts to re-pack her survival stuff*

  6. I have no idea what’s going. (You’re surprised, I know.) But count me in. Just tell me who I CAN’T shoot, k?

  7. *heart* you guys so much i can’t even express it!

    and don’t worry Andrew if your rescue attempt costs you your freedom, the crew will back ya!!!

    ~ J

  8. *snorts* How can you go wrong with a wolf on the team? Who’s the best stalker around? hmmmmmmm???? Now, if I can just resist my natural urge to chew on Squirrel_TWD, we should be all right. Someone better have treats for me…jus sayin’. Hooowwwwllllllllsss

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