Waiting for a Vampire Kiss?




I know you will all be terribly shocked and scandalized to find that today’s little offering has nothing to do with zombies or The Walking Dead. *pauses as ripple of indignation passes through the crowd*

Yep, it’s true … today we’re talking vampires … or rather #zombiesurvivalcrew mate @Alta03 is writing them!

Her entry – I Vampire Kissed a Girl and I Liked It – made it to the final round of Devin O’Branagan’s Vampire Kissed Flash Fiction Contest. Way to go Alta!! I am going to keep my words short and let Alta’s efforts speak for her …. Check out her entry via the title link above and give her a vote! Voting ends Dec. 31.

Good luck Alta!!!


#zombiesurvivalcrew lurves you!!



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5 Comments to “Waiting for a Vampire Kiss?”

  1. Alta - says:

    You are so full of awesome! Thank you! Mwah!
    And don’t forget, you can only vote once, but you can share it as many times as you want 😀

  2. Patricia says:


    I just read your short story. It was really sweet and I enjoyed it very much. I voted for you!


  3. juliette says:

    Alta —

    You are most welcome!

    Good luck!!!

    ~ J

  4. juliette says:

    Hey Patricia!

    Glad you liked it and thanks for voting!!

    ~ J

  5. Alta - says:

    I’ll add my thanks in as well, Patricia!