Waiting for a Vampire Kiss?




I know you will all be terribly shocked and scandalized to find that today’s little offering has nothing to do with zombies or The Walking Dead. *pauses as ripple of indignation passes through the crowd*

Yep, it’s true … today we’re talking vampires … or rather #zombiesurvivalcrew mate @Alta03 is writing them!

Her entry – I Vampire Kissed a Girl and I Liked It – made it to the final round of Devin O’Branagan’s Vampire Kissed Flash Fiction Contest. Way to go Alta!! I am going to keep my words short and let Alta’s efforts speak for her …. Check out her entry via the title link above and give her a vote! Voting ends Dec. 31.

Good luck Alta!!!


#zombiesurvivalcrew lurves you!!



5 thoughts on “Waiting for a Vampire Kiss?”

  1. You are so full of awesome! Thank you! Mwah!
    And don’t forget, you can only vote once, but you can share it as many times as you want 😀

  2. Alta,

    I just read your short story. It was really sweet and I enjoyed it very much. I voted for you!


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