I’m swinging for the other team!

After boycotting the first few weeks of this season’s Dancing With the Stars (see my reasoning here) I landed very quickly in the “ain’t-that-the-girl-from-Dirty-Dancing?” camp.

Well the semi-finals last night didn’t disappoint and Jennifer Grey was amazing.

That waltz actually made me cry.

And Bristol? Well, dance-wise she’s the weakest one by a long-shot but I’m giving her props for sticking it out and finally finding her dance. That paso had pizzazz.



But my team?


Now I realize a few hours from now – depending on how the American public voted – this could all be moot. But I’m going to go ahead anyway ….

I could probably come up with 50 reasons why I want to see Kyle go all the way …

But in the interest of keeping it simple, I’ve narrowed it down to the following:

Joie de vivre – Only the bed sheets know what truly goes on in this young man’s mind when the lights go out at night, but he seems to have such a love for life that it is contagious!!! His “grasp every moment like it counts” attitude is something we can all stand to see a bit more of!

Da UnderDawg – Even though he’s out-scored Bristol almost every week, Kyle has been dismissed, dissed and counted off the show by the pundits while Bristol, Kurt and others have been projected to stay.

Bionic Bum – You want to talk about keeping it real? Kyle is not your typical stick-thin Hollywood celebrity and I love it! He projects confidence and comfort, and demonstrates week-after-week that even us fatties can tear it up on the dance floor!

And last but not least,

Work Ethic – He just does it. No temper tantrums, no whining, no excuses. He’s given a challenge – and the not-yet-20-year-old sets out to meet it. Period.


Am I alone in this? We’ll know in just a few hours ….

3 thoughts on “I’m swinging for the other team!”

  1. Alone? Hardly. My girls and I have cheered, yelled and laughed with Kyle since the first week. Sure Jennifer Grey can dance, but she can whine like nobodies business while Kyle just does his thing– laugh and work hard. No temper tantrums, no crying. HE is the example I want my girls to see.

    So last night, for the very first time EVER I voted– for Kyle of course.

  2. Wasn’t my first time ever — but voted last night for maybe only the third or fourth time in the last 10 years ….
    Absolutely ADORE Kyle!
    — J

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