Lost – the new series


It’s official.

The producers, directors, and everyone else in charge of

my two favorite television shows have lost their minds.


First up – the show I still have hope for. True Blood.

Last night, we watched Eric Northman stroll out into the sun and certain death in a bid to defeat Russell Edgington. The problem here is that Northman, played by Alexander Skarsgard is the best character/actor/casting-combo on the show.

If Eric does not survive the season finale (which HBO just had to postpone for two weeks) it is likely True Blood will lose a lot of viewers …. Including me. For the record, I do not actually believe Eric will cease to exist ….not because I have read the books on which the series is based, but because it would be numbers suicide for the show. I just felt the need to express myself on that particular plot development.


Now for the second –

 Dancing with the Stars which announced the line up for the new season yesterday.

Now I don’t want to say the producers were digging the bottom of the barrel when they lined up the “stars” – heck if Jake Pavelka and Kate Gosselin count as “stars”, then I guess Mike Sorrentino and Audrina Patridge do too even though I had never heard of them before.

No the one that really gets me – and I expect this was definitely part of the design – is the inclusion of Bristol Palin.

Is she a star? The only thing I know her to be famous for is a well-publicized series of spats with her ex-boyfriend/fiancée .

Now let’s put aside the fact that her mother — Sarah Palin — is one of the most easily recognizable figures on the American political scene. Let’s just forget that Mrs. Palin is one of the most divisive figures in American politics. And let’s definitely NOT even think about the fact that plenty of her supporters hope Palin will make a run for the White House in 2012…and what this might mean for why Bristol has agreed to be on the show.

No, Bristol Palin is not a star. Her claim to fame is not anything she has done but who her mother is.

Meh …..poor choices, producers, very poor choices.

The only reason TO watch this season? Florence Henderson.

But maybe it’s just me ….

8 thoughts on “Lost – the new series”

  1. I have faith that Eric will survive… (would elaborate but I as spoilers in my dome & some people, like me, dun like them. I found out on accident. lol)

    But you are right, ending Eric’s time on True Blood would SERIOUSLY hurt their numbers. The handsome viking has become the most popular character on the show. Add in the *heartbreaking* look he gave Sookie before draining her and the sweetness of seeing him actually be a parent-figure for Pam… Mr. Northman is too emotionally connected to the fans now.

    Even knowing my spoiler, I still screamed at the TV Sunday night. If I didn’t love my giant TV so much, I would have thrown my glass of rum & coke at it. (Okay, I love the rum too much too…)

    The next two weeks will be HELL for True Blood fans. Pure hell while we wait to see if our favorite vampire meets the “true death”.

  2. Oooooh, i love, love, love the story line and interaction between Eric and Pam.
    That – and the Hoyt-Jessica line – are my favorite subplots this season.
    Oh and Jesus n La-La!
    Let’s face it … i am HOOKED!
    ~ J

  3. I took my mother, the woman that only ever watched NCIS on tv and turned her into a Truebie.

    First I had her read the books. Then we rented and watched season 2 together. Now *she* reminds *me* when the damn show is on. Heck, she even makes drinks and dishes up ice cream to go with it.

    Every week my mom and I have a private True Blood viewing party. The show has POWER, my friend.

  4. Let the viking burn! Why lust over him? He is weak, not nearly as strong as my Russell. The show would be just fine without Eric Northman.

    I could take his place… just put my jar in every shot. *gurgles in mirth*

  5. I agree and I agree. I’m not a huge Dancing With the Stars fan, but still… Bristol Palin??? Are you kidding me? She’s not a star in any stretch of the imagination.

    And my heart sunk when Eric handcuffed himself to Russel. Why not handcuff him to something stationary, like a building? Or just use silver and make him stay on the ground?

    I don’t think it’s the end of Eric either. There will be a twist! I’ll be so upset if he leaves the show.

  6. I am laughing my ass off. DWTS is scraping the bottom of the barrel. Im gonna skip the politics and just hope bristol gets booted as fast as possible.

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