On his special day …

For Haris ….

Exactly one year ago today I was on a mad hunt for more decorations to squeeze around the streamers and Elmo balloons already attached to every possible spot in our living room for Haris’ first birthday party. I grabbed a bag of blue-wrapped “1st birthday” candy, a few extra balloons and an adorable Elmo candle for the table.

Today we are preparing for a different kind of celebration. We’ve got candles and flowers – but no cake and only one balloon.

Instead of partying at our house, our friends and family will congregate at a nearby cemetery to let our little angel know he is not forgotten. Today is what would have been Haris’ second birthday, and is exactly 6 months to the day from when he left us.

The love Haris brought into our lives and his ability to bring people together are well worth remembering. The pain? Not so much. So through the tears that the pain brings, I will try to smile today. Smile and remember all of the magical moments we shared with our very special little boy.

A special thank you to Leslie (a.k.a. @moondustwriter) for the lovely poem “Tomorrow would be his day” she wrote for Haris, and to all our friends and family who are remembering Haris today. So many of you never had the chance to meet him or feel the power of his magic first-hand.

5 thoughts on “On his special day …”

  1. I have no words. You are a strong woman indeed. And I really wish I was there to give you a hug.

  2. Hugs are all I can offer, as inadequate as they are, and admiration for your strength. You are in my thoughts.

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