Marching for Change and a Mexi-fro Shot!

It’s hard to find a reason not to participate in the March of Dimes’ March for Babies. The event is all about working to help give babies a more welcome entry into the world – what could be a more noble cause than that???

As a walker, it’s good for your health. As a sponsor, it’s tax deductible. And if those are not reasons enough – how about a shot at seeing @aspiringmama’s infamous Mexi-fro on display?

This year we have a very personal reason for marching – to honor the memory of our son Haris, who would have been two years old this month. We launched #TeamHaris (with a little nudge from Pauline) and have 8 wonderful walkers on the team for next Saturday’s event. As my regular blog readers know, Haris remains a powerful force in our lives, and the driver behind my current book writing effort Born Into Battle: Surviving and Thriving Amidst a Child’s Complex Medical Situation.

Right – so back to the Mexi-fro ….

Anyone who follows @aspiringmama on Twitter or reads her blog has heard the references to the “fro.” On more than one occasion she’s been dared to let the world see the unruly early-morning “do.”

Well, folks the time has come!!!

Here’s the challenge: @aspiringmama has publicly vowed to display her Mexi-fro IF she reaches her goal for the March of Babies.

Pauline’s March for Babies page where you can sponsor her is here:

We’ve got five days to get this done (ONLY TWO DAYS LEFT NOW!). It only takes a little – a few bucks from the bottom of your change jar and couple clicks of a mouse. As an added incentive I will pitch in an extra $5.00 to Pauline’s total for anyone who donates and leaves a little comment here or messages me via Twitter at @jterzieff).

Also, @blogdangerously, bless her heart, will now also donate $2 for every $10 donation towards Pauline’s goal.

UPDATE: 4/22/2010, 4:35p.m. EST – Pauline (a.k.a. aspiringmama) is running scared now!!! She’s admitted her fears:

 UPDATE: 4/23/2010, 11:23a.m. – We are closing in on @aspiringmama’s goal. But we are not there yet — THIS IS THE LAST DAY!  A few more brave souls and we’ll have the Mexi-fro on the chopping block!!! Thank you fellow bloggers and twitter!

9 thoughts on “Marching for Change and a Mexi-fro Shot!”

  1. Folks – 48 hours left to the March for Babies! Jump in and help us get that mexi-fro shot! We’re only $170 away from goal!!

  2. Folks this just in! @blogdangerously has just tweeted the following:
    Amigos, @aspiringmama is doing the MARCH of DIMES, MARCH for BABIES. For every $10 someone donates, I will donate $2 up to her goal of $500

    Thank you Kit for your great support of Team Haris for the March of Babies!
    ~ Juliette

  3. Thank you so much Kristen!
    Much, much appreciated!!! And thanks for the comment too – I’ll add $5!

    Are we connected on Twitter?

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