Systematic Failure: Perils of Living in a Fast Food World?!?!

So a few not-so-random thoughts as a follow-up to my post: Perils of Living in a Fast Food Nation.

 According to this Der Spiegel article from Germany, governments across the European continent are examining legislative ways to trim the fat out of their nations’ diets. Like residents in the U.S. and other regions, Europeans are seeing an explosion of expanding waistlines. Proposals on the table reportedly include more taxes on chocolate in Denmark and fast food in Romania, limits on the use of trans fat in Spain and an end to advertising of sweets to children under 12 in Germany.

 The considerations come at a time when cities and states in the U.S. are stepping up their efforts to improve the publics’ health. As of Jan. 1 California became the first state in the union to ban the use of trans fat in restaurants. California bakeries will have to comply come January 2011.

 New York City under Mayor Michael Bloomberg already banned trans fat use in restaurants and on Monday announced plans to go after salt in restaurant and prepared foods. The city’s health department will reportedly spearhead a national effort to reduce salt levels by 25 percent over five years.

Being one of those lugs who just can’t seem to stay away from fast food (though the fecal findings – see previous post – may change that) there’s a part of me that would like the government to take away the option altogether and let me drown in cabbage soup.

 But chocolate? Seriously?!?!?! There’s got to be a constitutional amendment against that kind of thing!

Honestly now, isn’t it my personal choice whether or not I have one Reese’s cup or two a day, standing in my kitchen in a bathrobe with a silly smile on my face??? I’m pretty sure there’s something in the constitution about that!

I’m being facetious – of course – because there isn’t a single person I know who couldn’t do a better job caring for themselves.  We can all, always, strive towards a healthier lifestyle. (God, I sound like my mother …. )And there is certainly nothing wrong with others helping us towards that goal as long as they don’t come into my house and start rummaging through the pantry.

Health at every size, folks … HEALTH at every size.

Health first, vanity locked in the basement with the rats where it belongs.

Chocolate? On the shelf next to the granola, applesauce and dried apricots.

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  1. Oh, yours is next the granola? Dang, I musta missed that memo… mine is stored near the bran and steal cut oats… right behind the natural peanut butter and HFCS 😉

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