Hope for Haiti, Hope for the World

The blogosphere and twitterverse exploded late last night with the news of a massive 7.0 earthquake in Haiti. The current outpouring of support, prayers and entreaties to help Haiti recover are both humbling and inspiring – and remind us all that even in the face of great tragedy there is hope for us all when people of the world unite in common purpose.

As I write authorities in Haiti are still struggling to assess the human cost of this natural disaster. Early estimates of the dead go as high as 500,000.

For those wanting to learn more about how we can all help, here’s a quick list of links:

Hollywood Unites for Haiti: Video plea from Heroes’ star and Haiti native Jimmy Jean Louis

Oxfam Haiti Earthquake Response Fund: Links to donate to Oxfam offices worldwide

Organizations accepting donations to help Haiti, AP list of organizations published by The Washington Post.

Help for Haiti after 7.0 Earthquake: updated donation list and information, list compiled by San Francisco Chronicle blog.

Internet users rally charitable contributions for Haiti earthquake victims: Advice for Canadians from The Canadian Press.

How to help Haiti’s quake victims – San Antonio, TX area

Panthers To Collect Donations For Haiti Earthquake Victims – Florida, hockey teams collecting goods

Doctors Without Borders collecting donations – thanks to blog post by Nathan Bransford

Check your local news outlets, charitable organizations and favorite blogs for other options.

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  1. I just wanted to say that I retweeted your blog post. The news is just devastating and you and all who are trying to help are just incredible people.

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